Pitt Business Summer Course Exception Form

Pitt Business students planning to take a summer course at another college for transfer have two useful resources available to them:

  1. Preapproved Summer Course and College Listing
  2. Preapproved CCAC Summer Course Listing (if you want to take a summer course at the Community College of Allegheny County)

If you are planning to take a summer course, you should first consult these listings to learn what is preapproved for transfer. When you use the preapproved listing, you do not need to submit your course for formal review by Pitt Business. By following the instructions on the preapproved listing and choosing a course and college that appear on the listing, you ensure that your summer course will transfer to Pitt Business.

Based on the preapproval process outlined in these listings, some students may need to apply for an exception. If you need to apply for an exception, you may do so here.

You need to apply for an exception if:

  1. You want a course or college that is not found in either of the Pitt Business preapproved listings above.


  1. You do not meet the requirements for preapproval to transfer summer courses. Students are preapproved to transfer summer coursework if they have transferred fewer than 60 credits previously from other colleges and they will have a cumulative Pitt GPA of 2.00 or higher when they begin their summer course.

Exception Form Instructions

Please read all instructions and policies in full before completing the Pitt Business Summer Course Approval Exception Form.

  1. Planning: Discuss your plan to take summer courses with your Pitt Business academic advisor. It is your responsibility to know which Pitt Business requirements you need to fulfill through consultation with your Pitt Business academic advisor and review of your academic advisement transcript on PeopleSoft. If you do not meet the requirements for summer course preapproval, discuss this situation with your academic advisor.
  2. Review the Preapproval Transfer Policies below. You are responsible for reviewing them and understanding how they apply to you. For example, it is important to note that a maximum of 60 credits are transferable to Pitt Business from a community college. Review this and other policies below.
  3. Complete the exception form below and submit it. Once your request is received, you will receive a response by email within 5-6 working days.
  4. If your course is approved, register for your summer course by contacting the college directly. This is your responsibility, as is paying the tuition fees at the college where you are taking your summer course.
  5. Once you have completed your summer course(s), request that an official transcript be sent to the address below. Please note, it is important to forward your official transcript as soon as your courses are complete. Doing so will allow Pitt Business to post your transfer credit in a timely manner. Transfer credit impacts your Pitt credit total and can have a bearing on financial aid eligibility, class standing, registration appointment assignment and more. Send your official electronic transcript to records@business.pitt.edu or paper transcript to:

College of Business Administration
University of Pittsburgh
2204 Sennott Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Preapproval Transfer Policies:

  • You must earn a C or higher in a course for it to transfer (a C- will not transfer). To transfer, courses must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail). Courses must be from an accredited, U.S.-based institution.
  • You may not take/repeat a course that you have already taken at Pitt.
  • The course will transfer to Pitt for no more than the number of credits of Pitt’s equivalent course (typically 3 credits).
  • A maximum of 60 credits are transferable to Pitt Business from a community college. You must make sure that your summer coursework will not put you over this limit.
  • Once enrolled in Pitt Business, students may not transfer business courses from community colleges.  You may work with your academic advisor to identify and submit for review, via the Summer Course Exception Form, an appropriate business course offered by an AACSB-accredited business school.  AACSB accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. This policy is designed to ensure that Pitt Business students are competitive with graduates of other high-ranking business programs.
  • A maximum of 5 Pitt Business core courses may be transferred from another college. You need to make sure that your summer coursework will not put you over this limit. Keep in mind that only business courses from AACSB-accredited programs will be considered. Business classes taken at Pitt regional campuses or on global experiences also count towards this limit.
  • This approved course listing is relevant for summer course transfer only. Pitt Business students may not take courses at other colleges for transfer to Pitt Business during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters).
  • For courses from outside the US, students will not follow this approval process, but will need to gain approval through the Pitt Global Experiences Office. This also applies if the courses are from outside the US but the transcript is issued from a US-based institution. In that case, students will need to gain approval through the Global Experiences Office. Students must follow the procedures and deadlines set by the Global Experiences Office for course approval prior to departure.
  • If you have over 90 credits completed, you may still transfer approved summer coursework to Pitt Business – as long as you have not exceeded any of the transfer credit limits shown above. However, you are strongly discouraged from taking summer courses for transfer if you plan to graduate in August. Pitt Business makes no guarantee that summer transfer credit can be processed in time for August graduation. If you are planning to graduate in August, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor.
  • If you want to take a summer course and apply it towards a minor you are completing through the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, you must receive approval from the specific Dietrich School department in which you are completing your minor.

Admissions Exception Request

  • Part 1: Requesting an Exception

  • Part 2: Your Information

  • Part 3: School and Course Information

  • Please note that you must submit a course description below for a course to be reviewed. Depending on the course requested, Pitt Business may follow-up with a request for a full course syllabus prior to review.
  • Course 1 Information

  • Course 2 Information

  • Course 3 Information

  • Part 4: Exception Circumstances

  • Please explain the circumstances that require you to submit this exception form. For example, explain why you are requesting a course outside of the coursework included on the preapproved listing or why you need to complete additional transfer coursework if you already have been awarded 60 or more transfer credits. If your Pitt cumulative GPA is below 2.00, explain how summer coursework will contribute to your positive academic progress in the College of Business Administration program. Describe the academic strategies you will use in order to complete your summer coursework successfully.
  • Part 5: Agreement