The Classroom is the foundation of the Pitt Business academic journey. We prepare students to become global business leaders through a rigorous curriculum that offers an array of real-world projects, case-based learning, and opportunities for teamwork and collaboration.

Learn From Two Great Teachers: Our World-Class Faculty and Real-World Experience

Academic excellence and a rigorous curriculum are the foundation of the Pitt Business experience. Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program offers seven majors and five certificate programs, as well as the ability to customize your education through double degrees across Pitt.

Business Majors

Pitt Business students have the opportunity to customize their education through seven business majors offered across the core business disciplines.

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Business Certificates

Pitt Business students can complement their major(s) by earning a business certificate in cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge topics in business.

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Honors Program

The Pitt Business Honors program offers an enriched academic experience, personalized advising support, and greater experience-based learning.

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Double Degrees

In addition to double majoring, Pitt Business students can earn a second degree outside of business through our partnerships with other Pitt schools.

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Accelerated Degrees

Pitt Business students can graduate a year early and fast-track earning a graduate degree in Accounting or Law through our accelerated programs.

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Core Courses

The Pitt Business core curriculum equips students with a strong foundation in management fundamentals and an understanding of the different business units.

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Arts & Sciences Requirements

As part of their well-rounded education, Pitt Business students must complete coursework in other areas across Pitt.

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Standards and Policies

Pitt Business has rules that govern Academic Integrity, Graduation Honors, Grade Point Averages, Course Withdrawal, and more.

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Student Advising

Pitt Business students receive personalized advising support from academic advisors that support them throughout college and help them unlock their full potential.

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Pitt Business Graduation

The Pitt Business Graduation Ceremony is held in April of each year. There is a Graduation Application form for all students.

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From the Classroom

Pitt Business students go on a journey From the Classroom, To the City, To the World. Their experience often involves real-world projects with clients. It's how our faculty bring important business lessons to life.