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Course Planning at Your Current College

In preparation for a future transfer to Pitt Business, please consider taking the following prerequisite and general-education courses at your current college:

  • Business calculus or scientific calculus
  • Introductory microeconomic theory
  • Introductory macroeconomic theory
  • One semester of English composition
  • Liberal-arts courses that fulfill the Pitt Business general education requirements, which include:
  • 1 course in English literature
  • 1 course in either music history or art history
  • 1 course in philosophy (not logic)
  • 2 social science courses, from two different departments
  • 2 natural science courses
  • 2 foreign culture courses

See examples of the kinds of courses appropriate for meeting the general education requirements.

Carefully review Pitt Business Transfer Credit Policies to make sure your courses will transfer.