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Pitt Business Preapproved Course and College Listing

Thank you for your interest in transferring summer courses to the College of Business Administration (Pitt Business). The colleges and courses listed here have been preapproved for transfer to Pitt Business. To ensure that your summer courses will transfer to Pitt Business, you must choose from this approved listing or the Preapproved CCAC Course Listing. You will also need to verify that you are eligible to transfer summer courses. The process and requirements are detailed below.

Any exceptions must be approved by Pitt Business (see information further on about exceptions).


  1. Planning: Discuss your plan to take summer courses with your Pitt Business academic advisor. It is your responsibility to know which Pitt Business requirements you need to fulfill through consultation with your Pitt Business academic advisor and review of your academic advisement transcript on PeopleSoft.
  2. Determine if you are preapproved to transfer summer courses. You must discuss this with your academic advisor. In general, you are preapproved to transfer summer courses if you meet the following requirements:
    • You have transferred fewer than 60 credits previously from other colleges.
    • Your cumulative Pitt GPA is 2.00 or higher by the time you begin your summer course.

    If you do not meet both of these requirements for preapproval, you must speak with your Pitt Business academic advisor about your options.

  3. Review the Preapproval Transfer Policies below. You are responsible for reviewing them and understanding how they apply to you. For example, it is important to note that a maximum of 60 credits are transferable to Pitt Business from a community college. Review this and other policies below.
  4. Check the list below to determine that the college you want to attend is approved. To ensure that your course will transfer, your college must be on the approved list.
  5. Check the course listings below to find one or more courses that you want to take. To ensure that your courses will transfer, they must be on the approved list.
  6. Register for your summer course by contacting the college directly. This is your responsibility, as is paying the tuition fees at the college where you are taking your summer course.
  7. Once you have completed your summer course(s), request that an official transcript be sent to the address below. Please note, it is important to forward your official transcript as soon as your courses are complete. Doing so will allow Pitt Business to post your transfer credit in a timely manner. Transfer credit impacts your Pitt credit total and can have a bearing on financial aid eligibility, class standing, registration appointment assignment and more. Send your official transcript to:

University of Pittsburgh
Pitt Business Student Records
2607 Sennott Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Preapproval Transfer Policies

  • You must earn a C or higher in a course for it to transfer (a C- will not transfer). To transfer, courses must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail).
  • You may not take/repeat a course that you have already taken at Pitt.
  • The course will transfer to Pitt for no more than the number of credits of Pitt's equivalent course (typically 3 credits).
  • A maximum of 60 credits are transferable to Pitt Business from a community college. You must make sure that your summer coursework will not put you over this limit.
  • Once enrolled in Pitt Business, students may not transfer business courses from community colleges.  You may work with your academic advisor to identify and submit for review, via the Summer Course Exception Form, an appropriate business course offered by an AACSB-accredited business school.  AACSB accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. This policy is designed to ensure that Pitt Business students are competitive with graduates of other high-ranking business programs.  
  • A maximum of 5 Pitt Business core courses may be transferred from another college. You need to make sure that your summer coursework will not put you over this limit. Keep in mind that only business courses from AACSB-accredited programs will be considered. Business classes taken at Pitt regional campuses or on study abroad also count towards this limit.
  • This approved course listing is relevant for summer course transfer only. Pitt Business students may not take courses at other colleges for transfer to Pitt Business during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters).
  • If you have over 90 credits completed, you may still transfer approved summer coursework to Pitt Business – as long as you have not exceeded any of the transfer credit limits shown above. However, you are strongly discouraged from taking summer courses for transfer if you plan to graduate in August. Pitt Business makes no guarantee that summer transfer credit can be processed in time for August graduation. If you are planning to graduate in August, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor.
  • If you want to take a summer course and apply it towards a minor you are completing through the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, you must receive approval from the specific Dietrich School department in which you are completing your minor.

Pitt Business Preapproved College Listing for Summer Transfer

To ensure that your summer course will transfer, your summer college must be on this preapproved list. Any exceptions must be approved (see information further on about exceptions).

Albany State University
Albright College
Allegany College of Maryland
Alvernia University
American University
Anne Arrundel Community College
Atlantic Cape Community College
Austin Community College
Baldwin Wallace University
Baltimore City Community College
Baruch College
Bergen Community College
Bloomsburg University of PA
Boston College
Boston University
Bridgewater State University
Brookdale Community College
Bucks County Community College
Bunker Hill Community College
Burlington County College
Butler County Community College
Cabrini College
California State University Long Beach
California University of Pennsylvania
Camden County Community College
Canisius College
Carlow University
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University
Central Piedmont Community College
Chatham University
Clarion University of PA
College of Charleston
Columbus State Community College
Community College of Allegheny County
Community College of Baltimare County
Community College of Beaver County
Community College of Morris
Community College of Philadelphia
Corning Community College
Cuyahoga Community College
Darton State College
Delaware County Community College
Delaware Valley University
Diablo Valley College
Drake University
Drew University
Duquesne University
Dutchess Community College (SUNY)
East Stroudsburg University
Edinboro University of PA
El Paso Community College
Elizabethtown College
Erie Community College (SUNY)
Fairfield University
Farmingdale State College
Finger Lakes Community College
Framingham State University
George Washtingon University
Georgetown University
Grand Rapids Community College
Gwynned Mercy College
Hagerstown Community College
Harrisburg Area Community College
Herkimer County Community College
Hofstra University
Howard Community College
Hudson Valley Community College
Immaculata University
Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kent State University
Kutztown University
La Roche College
La Salle University
Lackawanna College
Lansing Community College
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Lehigh University
Long Island University
Luzerne County Community College
Marywood University
Massachusetts Bay Community College
Mercer County Community College
Miami University (Ohio)
Michigan State University
Middlesex Community College
Millersville University of PA
MiraCosta Community College
Mission College
Monroe Community College
Montclair State University
Montgomery College
Montgomery County Community College
Morgan State University
Nashua Community College
Nassau Community College
New York University
Northampton Community College
Northeastern University
Northern Virginia Community College
North Shore Community College
Oakton Community College
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Passiac County Community College
Penn Highlands Community College
Penn State University - all campuses
Prince George's Community College
Purdue University
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Raritan Valley Community College
Reading Area Community College
Rider University
Robert Morris University
Rockland County Community College
Rowan University
Rutgers University
Sacred Heart University
Saint Joseph's University
Saint Louis University
San Francisco State University
Santa Clara University
Shippensburg University
Slippery Rock University
St. Charles Community College
St. John's University
St. Louis Community College
SUNY Adirondack
SUNY Canton
SUNY Empire State College
SUNY Farmingdale
SUNY Purchase
SUNY Westchester Community College
Syracuse University
Tarrant County College
Temple University
The Citadel
Thiel College
University at Buffalo
University of Akron
University of Arizona
University of Cincinnati
University of Connecticut
University of Delaware
University of Florida
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Missouri
University of Nevada
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina
University of North Dakota
University of San Francisco
University of Scranton
University of South Carolina
University of Texas
University of Virginia
Villanova University
Virginia Tech
Washtenaw Community College
West Chester University
West Valley College
West Virginia University
Westmoreland County Community College
York College of PA
Youngstown State University

Pitt Business Preapproved Course Listing for Summer Transfer

The preapproved courses are organized by Pitt Business requirements and include courses approved to fulfill prerequisite and A&S general education requirements. Students who are only seeking to transfer A&S elective credit may take any of the courses approved for general education requirements and count them as A&S elective credit. Business classes are not included. See the restrictions around transferring summer business courses in the Preapproval Transfer Policies section above.

Preapproved courses must be worth at least 3 semester credits. To ensure transferability, you must choose courses with the exact title listed here. Any exceptions must be approved (see information further on about exceptions).

Pitt Business Prerequisites

Approved for Microeconomics

Introduction to Microeconomics
Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Microeconomic Theory
Microeconomic Principles
Principles of Economics: Micro

Approved for Macroeconomics

Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic Principles
Principles of Economics: Macro

Approved for Calculus

Pitt Business is offering preapproval for the specific calculus courses below. If you want to take a calculus course that is not on this list, please submit an exception form (see information further on about exceptions).

Bucks County Community College
MATH 118, Business Calculus - 3 cr
MATH 140, Calculus I - 4 cr

Butler County Community College
MATH 125, Business Calculus - 3 cr
MATH 221, Calculus I - 4 cr

Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)
MAT 201, Calculus I - 4 cr
MAT 220, Business Calculus - 4 cr

Community College of Beaver County
MATH 160, Calculus I - 4 cr

Community College of Philadelphia
MATH 171, Calculus I - 4 cr

Delaware County Community College
MATH 118, Business Calculus - 3 cr
MATH 140, Calculus I - 4 cr

Harrisburg Area Community College
MATH 110, Applied Calculus for Business - 4 cr
MATH 121, Calculus I - 4 cr

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MATH 115, Applied Math for Business - 4 cr
MATH 121, Calculus I for Natural & Social ScI - 4 cr

Lehigh Carbon Community College
MAT 188, Business Calculus - 3 cr
MAT 190, Calculus & Analytic Geometry I - 3 cr

Montgomery County Community College
MAT 142, Calculus for Business & Social Sci - 3 cr
MAT 190, Calculus & Analytic Geometry I - 4 cr

Monroe Community College
MTH 200, Applied Calculus - 4 cr
MTH 210, Calculus I - 4 cr

Nassau Community College
MAT 112, Calculus/Business - 4 cr
MAT 122, Calculus I - 4 cr

Northampton Community College
MATH 165, Applied Calculus - 3 cr
MATH 180, Calculus I - 4 cr

Penn Highlands Community College
MAT 205, Applied Calculus for Business - 4 cr
MAT 210, Calculus I - 4 cr

Penn State University (all campuses)
MATH 110, Techniques of Calculus I - 4 cr
MATH 140, Calculus with Analytic Geometry I - 4 cr

Raritan Valley Community College
MATH 150, Applied Calculus - 4 cr
MATH 151, Calculus I - 4 cr

Reading Area Community College
MAT 220, Calculus I - 4 cr

Temple University
MATH 1031, Differential & Integral Calculus - 4 cr
MATH 1041, Calculus I - 4 cr

Westmoreland County Community College
MTH 172, Analytical Geometry & Calculus I - 4 cr
BUS 250, Calculus for Business - 3cr

Probability & Statistics

No courses preapproved – except MAT 165 Probability and Statistics (4 credits) at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). See the CCAC preapproved listing for details.

General Education Requirements

Approved for English Composition

College Composition I
College Writing
College Writing I
English Composition
Introduction to College Composition
Introduction to College Writing
Introduction to English Composition

Approved for Foreign Language

(Levels 1 and 2 of the same language are required, totaling at least 6 credits.)

Beginning Arabic 1 and Beginning Arabic 2
Beginning Chinese 1 and Beginning Chinese 2
Beginning French 1 and Beginning French 2
Beginning German 1 and Beginning German 2
Beginning Japanese 1 and Beginning Japanese 2
Beginning Italian 1 and Beginning Italian 2
Beginning Spanish 1 and Beginning Spanish 2
Elementary Arabic 1 and Elementary Arabic 2
Elementary Chinese 1 and Elementary Chinese 2
Elementary French 1 and Elementary French 2
Elementary German 1 and Elementary German 2
Elementary Japanese 1 and Elementary Japanese 2
Elementary Italian 1 and Elementary Italian 2
Elementary Spanish 1 and Elementary Spanish 2
Arabic 1 and Arabic 2
Chinese 1 and Chinese 2
French 1 and French 2
German 1 and German 2
Japanese 1 and Japanese 2
Italian 1 and Italian 2
Spanish 1 and Spanish 2

Approved for Literature

African-American Literature
American Literature
American Literature to 1865
American Literature from 1865
American Literature 1
American Literature 2
American Short Story
British Literature 1
British Literature 2
British Literature to Modern
Concepts of Literature
Contemporary American Literature
English Literature to the 19th Century
English Literature in the 19th and 20th Centuries
General Literature
Introduction to African-American Literature
Introduction to Fiction
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Shakespeare
Introduction to World Literature
Literature of the Western World 1
Literature of the Western World 2
Major American Writers 1
Major American Writers 2
Major British Writers 1
Major British Writers 2
Major English Writers 1
Major English Writers 2
Short Story
Survey of American Literature 1
Survey of American Literature 2
Survey of English Literature 1
Survey of English Literature 2
Topics in Contemporary Literature
Women’s Literature
Women in Literature
Women Writers
World Literature
World Literature 1
World Literature 2
20th Century Literary Themes

Approved for Music/Art

Art courses:

American Art
American Art History
Art Appreciation
Art History – Ancient
Art History – Renaissance
Art History – Modern
Art History 1
Art History 2
Art History II from the Renaissance to Contemporary
Art of the Cinema
Art through the Ages 1
Art through the Ages 2
Art through the Ages to 1300
Asian Art
History of Architecture
Introduction to Ancient Art
Introduction to Architecture
Introduction to Art
Introduction to Art Appreciation
Introduction to Art History
Introduction to Asian Art
Introduction to Contemporary Art
Introduction to Modern Art
Introduction to World Art
Modern Art
Modern Culture & the Arts
Non-Western Art
Women and Art
World Art
World Art Survey

Music courses:

American Music
History of Jazz
History of Music 1
History of Music 2
History of Rock and Roll
Introduction to Music
Introduction to Music History
Introduction to World Music
Music Appreciation
Music History
Music History 1
Music History 2
World Music

Approved for Philosophy

Basic Problems of Philosophy
Contemporary Moral Problems
Ethical Problems
Ethics: Belief and Action
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Philosophical Problems
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy: Ethics
Problems of Philosophy
Please note that logic courses do not fulfill the CBA philosophy requirement.  In addition, critical thinking courses do not fulfill the CBA philosophy requirement.

Approved for Social Science

Anthropology courses:

Anthropology of Death
Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Social Anthropology

Geography courses:

Human Geography
Introduction to Geography
World Geography
World Regional Geography

History courses:

African-American History
American History
American History 1
American History 2
Civil War and Reconstruction
Early Western Civilization
History of Fascism and Nazism
History of the Middle East
History of the U.S.
History of the U.S. to 1877
History of the U.S. from 1865
History of the U.S. 1
History of the U.S. 2
History of Western Civilization 1
History of Western Civilization 2
History of World War 1
History of World War 2
Modern Western Civilization
U.S. History 1
U.S. History 2
Western Civilization 1
Western Civilization 2
World History
World History I
World History 2
World History: Ancient and Medieval
World History: Modern

Political Science courses:

American Government
American National Government
American Politics
American Political Process
Comparative Politics
International Politics
International Relations
Modern Political Systems
National Political System
World Affairs
World Politics

Psychology courses:

Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Psychology of Personality

Religion courses:

Religions of the World
World Religions

Sociology courses:

Contemporary Social Problems
Introduction to Sociology
Introductory Sociology
Principles of Sociology
Sociology of the Family
Social Problems

Approved for Natural Science

Biology I
Biology 2
Biological Principles 1
Biological Principles 2
Biological Sciences 1
Biological Sciences 2
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
College Physics 1
College Physics 2
Descriptive Astronomy
Earth Science
Environmental Biology
Environmental Geology
Environmental Science
General Biology I
General Biology 2
General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
General Psychology
Human Biology
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Biology 1
Introduction to Biology 2
Introduction to Biological Science
Introduction to Geology
Introduction to Physical Science
Introduction to Planetary Astronomy
Introduction to Psychology
Physical Anthropology
Physical Geology
Physical Science
Physics 1
Physics 2

Approved for Foreign Culture

Art History – Ancient
Art History – Renaissance
Art History – Modern
Art of Asia
Introduction to Art History
Art through the Ages 1
Art through the Ages 2
Asian Art
Comparative Politics
Cultural Anthropology
Early Western Civilization
History of Fascism and Nazism
History of the Middle East
History of Western Civilization 1
History of Western Civilization 2
International Relations
Introduction to Modern Art
Introduction to World Art
Introduction to World Music
Modern Western Civilization
Non-Western Art
Religions of the World
World Art
World Civilization 1
World Civilization 2
World Geography
World Regional Geography
World History
World History 1
World History 2
World Politics
World Religions
World Religions Survey

Applying for an Exception for Summer Course Transfer

There are two circumstances where you must apply for an exception:

  1. If you want to take a course that doesn’t appear on this listing or if you want to attend a college that doesn’t appear on this listing.
  2. If you do not meet the requirements for summer course transfer preapproval. Preapproval requires less than 60 credits transferred and a Pitt cumulative GPA of 2.00 by the time you begin your summer course.

If you need to apply for an exception, you may do so here. To receive an exception, you will need to submit course information including a description and provide an explanation for why you are requesting an exception.