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College Level Examination Program


Adult students may wish to "test for credit" to fulfill elective and/or general education requirements by successfully completing selected College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams prior to completing 15 credits in Pitt Business. Credits will be granted for the following exams only. A maximum of 15 CLEP credits may be applied toward the degree. Scores for subject exams must be at the 65th percentile for credit to be awarded.

General Exams

CLEP ExamScoreCreditsCourse Equiv.Req. Fulfilled
Humanities5006INDIS 0000music/art and elective
Natural Science5006INDIS 0000both natural sciences
Social Science and History5006INDIS 0000social science and elective

Subject Exams

CLEP ExamScoreCreditsCourse Equiv.Req. Fulfilled
American Government54*3PS 0200social science
U.S. History I543HIST 0600social science
U.S. History II533HIST 0601social science
Western Civ. I533HIST 0100social science/
foreign culture
Western Civ. II543HIST 0101social science/
foreign culture
Intro. Sociology543SOC 0010social science
American Literature533ENGLIT 0000literature
English Literature533ENGLIT 0000literature
General Biology536BIOSC 0150 & 0160both natural sciences
General Chemistry586CHEM 0110 & 0120both natural sciences
Educational Psychology543PSYED 1001elective
Human Growth and
523PSY 0310elective

*The scores listed are estimates of the 65th percentile only. We will award credit per the percentile listed on the student’s score report.

Preparing for CLEP Exams

The CLEP Web site has descriptions of each test as well as study resources. The College Board also publishes the Official Study Guide for the CLEP Examinations. Or, you may choose to purchase a practice guide by another publisher, available at most bookstores.

Test Sites

Contact one of the following institutions for information:

Community College of Allegheny County - Pittsburgh Campus

625 Stanwix Street
First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA   15222

Duquesne University

University Counseling Center
308 Administration Building
Pittsburgh, PA   15282-0235

University of Phoenix - Pittsburgh

Penn Center West Six
Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA   15276

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus

5th & Bigelow
G33 Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA   15260

Obtaining Your Scores

Your scores will be sent to you approximately three weeks after testing. To have your scores sent to Pitt Business, enter the code for the University of Pittsburgh (#2927) on the CLEP registration form under "score recipient."

Please e-mail the Pitt Business Admissions Office or call us at 412-383-9600 for further information about becoming a Pitt Business student.