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Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The Undergraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management (CSCM) provides Pitt Business students with the opportunity to understand important concepts in supply chain management and develop managerial and technical skills which are highly valued in today's corporate environment. The program also offers an international travel experience for students to gain hands-on exposure to global supply chain organizations.

Supply chain management encompasses not only the design and planning of supply chain activities, but also the execution, control and monitoring that help companies build a competitive infrastructure and create net value. The supply chain covers all areas, not just manufacturing and services, but also includes suppliers, retailers, warehouses, logistics and customers service; all functional areas involved in receiving and filling a customer's order with a repeatable and satisfying experience.

Enrollment is open to students in the BSBA degree program and the BS engineering programs in the Swanson School of Engineering. The CSCM is designed as an enrichment of the BSBA program, not as a stand-alone program. It builds on the BSBA core curriculum and may be combined with a major in accounting, finance, general management, global management, or marketing. Pitt Business students may not combine the CSCM and the Supply Chain Management major. They may complete only one of these programs.

CSCM Requirements

  1. BUSQOM 1070 Operations Management (3 credits)
  2. BUSSCM 1730 Managing Global Supply Chains (3 credits)
  3. CBA Supply Chain Elective Course (choose one of the following)
    • BUSBIS 1635 Information Technology Systems in Supply Chains (3 credits)
    • BUSSCM 1740 Procurement and Distribution Management (3 credits)
  4. Industrial Engineering Elective Course (choose one of the following)*

    * Note: Three of these elective courses have prerequisites, which may be waived for BSBA students on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Global Supply Chain Project Elective Course (choose one of the following)
    • BUSSCM 1725 Global Supply Networks and Manufacturing Cultures in Latin America (3 credits) - offered infrequently, requires international travel at an additional cost
    • BUSSCM 1735 Engineering and Business Collaboration in India: Product Innovation and Value Chains (3 credits) - offered infrequently, requires international travel at an additional cost
    • BUSSPP 1740 Global Strategy and Competitive Advantage (3 credits)- does not require international travel
    • ENGR 1600 Global Innovation and Technology (3 credits) - offered during spring term, requires international travel to China at an additional cost.

In addition, the student must obtain a grade of C or better in each course counted toward the certificate, and a minimum GPA of 2.25 (C+ average) across all courses in the certificate.

In general, both engineering and CBA students interested in this certificate program will need to plan early. For example, CBA students will need to:

  • Take both BUSQOM 0050 Quantitative Methods and BUSQOM 1070 Operations Management in the sophomore year, and
  • Satisfy the CBA calculus requirement in the freshman year