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Accelerated Law Admissions Program

The Accelerated Law Admissions Program (ALAP) — also known as the 3+3 Program — offers Pitt Business students the prospect of earning their BSBA degree and a law degree in a total of six years, rather than the minimum of seven years it typically takes.

Students admitted into the ALAP program will officially complete their bachelor's degree after completing their first year of law school.

The program is offered thanks to the strong partnership between Pitt Business and the Pitt School of Law.

Program Benefits

  • Eliminate the cost of one year of undergraduate tuition
  • Faster progression to the study of law and legal-related internships and jobs
  • Dual credentials in business and law help students stand out in the marketplace
  • Access to the global alumni networks of the business and schools

Academic Requirements

The ALAP is available to undergraduates from Pitt Business who have met the following requirements by the end of their junior year:

  • Earned at least 96 credits
  • Have completed all major and all College of Business Administration general education requirements
  • Completion of the LSAT exam and submission of scores to Pitt Law

Advising Requirements

Interested students are required, in their sophomore year, to meet with a designated advisor from Pitt Business and the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid from the School of Law. The meetings will ensure that the student is fulfilling all curricular and administrative requirements for participation in the program. 

Admission Requirements

The ALAP is not a guaranteed admissions program. Students who have fulfilled the above requirements must apply in their junior year for law school admission, treating it as if their junior year is their final year of undergraduate study. The School of Law will assess the students' qualifications and render an admission decision.


Participating students are responsible for three years of tuition at the undergraduate rate from the College of Business Administration, followed by three years of tuition at the rate set forth by the Pitt School of Law. The benefit of participating is that a year of undergraduate tuition is eliminated.


To learn more about the program, students already admitted to Pitt Business should contact their Pitt Business academic advisor. Students seeking admission to Pitt Business should contact Pitt Business Admissions.