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Twenty-Eight CBA Students Receive Ethics Scholarship

This year, 28 scholarships were awards to students from the College of Business Administration for the Fall 2014 term. These scholarships are provided by a generous gift from University of Pittsburgh alumnus David Berg (BBA ’57), through the David Berg Foundation. 

Supported by the David Berg Family Endowment Fund, these funds are administered through the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership within the School of Business.  In total, $58,000 was provided to recipients. The funds support undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students on the Oakland campus while they devote themselves to completing an academic program or conducting a project related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world as they exist today or in the future.

Students must submit an application regarding their academic program or involvement in a project relating to ethics, as well as a letter of recommendation. Scholarships are then awarded to qualified applicants on a basis of merit.

College of Business Administration Scholarship Recipients:

  • Kaitlin Augustine
  • Grace Bardell
  • Margaret Bien
  • Brian Bradley
  • Rachel Cawley
  • Sam Deely
  • Ihinosen Dibua
  • Allison Dobos
  • Sara Dubravcak
  • Meghan Duffy
  • Jake Fishbein
  • Lauren Gillespie
  • Katie Hazelbach
  • Jillian Holmes
  • Ryan Hu
  • Megan Kiniry
  • Erin Loftus
  • Ryan Magath
  • Matthew Michaels
  • Aimee Rosenbaum
  • Callie Rosenfeld
  • Brian Rubin
  • Jessica Snyder
  • Allison Soenksen
  • Grant Tresselt
  • McLain Vincent
  • Sierra Welsh
  • Kevin Wilson