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Business Freshmen Enjoy Head Start Through Bruce Hall LLC

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Bruce Hall Living Learning Community (LLC) is an opportunity for Pitt Business freshmen to live together and participate in a plethora of business focused-activities designed just for them. The goal is to help freshmen jumpstart their educational journey from the classroom, to the city, to the world. The Bruce Hall Living Learning Community (LLC) is an opportunity for Pitt Business freshmen to live together and participate in a plethora of business focused-activities designed just for them.

The fall 2016 semester began with a large LLC Kickoff Party for students from the Bruce Hall, Brackenridge, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLCs. Next, the Bruce Bash Kick-Off Party introduced residents to their dorm mates and business upperclassmen. A “Resumania” event, where current Pitt Business advisors reviewed the students’ resumes, was also held.

The Bruce Hall LLC students also went on corporate site visits with their residence hall floor mates at the beginning of the year. 

“I was lucky enough to go to Target and learn about positions they offer as internships to Pitt students,” says Pitt Business freshman Sarah Braza.

Later in the semester was the “Dominate Penn State” event, where Professor Ray Jones spoke about Penn State University and sports business. Food, trivia games, and lots of prizes were provided. Days later, Pitt defeated Penn State by a score of 42-39 during the rivalry football game. 

Bruce Hall residents will attend a networking event with recruiters from American Eagle, BNY Mellon, and UPMC in the Spring 2017 term. These are just some of the events that Bruce staff hosts for its residents.

Pitt Business freshman Kendra Fang reflected on her experience so far at Bruce Hall.

Do you think the Bruce LLC is a good learning experience?

“Yes! You are basically taking classes with people you live with, since we are all on the business track. You walk to classes, study, and do homework together, which is great motivation. We also have special business opportunities just for the Bruce Hall LLC, which is a great perk,” Fang says.

What is the social aspect of Bruce Hall like?

“It is great that right off the bat, you already have friends you can do everything with. That was especially helpful during orientation week and the first couple weeks of school because everything was new and unfamiliar. Our RA is also a great person to talk to about school, life, and everything in between,” Fang says.

Pitt Business freshman Sarah Braza also shared her thoughts on living in Bruce Hall.

What are some of the best parts of the Bruce Hall LLC experience?

“I would 100 percent recommend Bruce Hall to business students, or anyone with an interest in business. Yes, the activities are great, but the community is the best part. It is great to have people to study with I don’t have to leave the floor for help on a problem. The RAs are a fantastic resource because they are all business students and can advise you on anything. We also have a classroom on the 6th floor that I had one of my classes in,” Braza says.

In addition to Bruce Hall, there are several other LLC residence hall opportunities for Pitt Business students and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLC for business, engineering, and arts and sciences students.

Upperclassmen Pitt Business students have the opportunity to live in Brackenridge Hall. The hall’s focus is on Global Leadership and its impacts on business outcomes and effectiveness. Each year, the focus shifts to a different industry sector or topic.

The global theme at Brackenridge Hall for the 2017-2018 academic year will be “Sports and Entertainment in a Global Society.” This will involve a one-week spring break study abroad experience in London. While traveling abroad is not mandatory, developing the project with a global partner will involve all business students within the LLC.