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Pitt Business Honors Testimonials

Alicia Craig

"Through research at Pitt Business, I’ve been able to dig deep into topics that I’m passionate about.  My research project on women’s leadership allowed me to connect with incredible women and learn about what they’ve achieved in their careers. Their stories were truly inspiring.”

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Max Kneis

“At Pitt Business, there are so many opportunities early in your college career.  I studied abroad, had fantastic internships, and held leadership roles in student organizations, all by the end of my sophomore year.  With help from my advisor, I accelerated my business classes and have been able to excel quickly.”

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Rachael White

“My experience at Pitt Business has been incredible so far.  My academic program is challenging and individualized, and I’m gaining great hands-on experience.  I’m also connecting with faculty, business leaders, and alumni who are eager to help me achieve my goals.  I take advantage of one opportunity and it leads to five more!”

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