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Certificate Program in International Business

The Certificate Program in International Business (CPIB) offers a special opportunity to Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students with a strong interest in the global aspects of business. The CPIB will contribute to a student’s preparation for a career in international business, which often begins with domestic job placements that can lead to international assignments as the professional’s career progresses.

Students pursuing the CPIB will be particularly attractive to employers who value students with international interests, perspective, knowledge, and experience. This program will give our students an advantage in competing for the most attractive internships and full-time positions in highly internationalized firms.

Enrollment is open only to students in the BSBA degree program. The CPIB is designed as an enrichment of the BSBA program, not as a stand-alone program. It builds on the BSBA core curriculum and may be combined with a major in accounting, finance, general management, business information systems, supply chain management, or marketing. It may not be combined with the Pitt Business global management major.

Important note: The CPIB requirements have recently been modified. CBA students who add the CPIB to their academic plan on the PeopleSoft system on or after August 30, 2010 are subject to the requirements described below. Continuing CPIB students (those who added the CPIB to their academic plan on PeopleSoft prior to August 30, 2010) will continue to fulfill the requirements specified in their academic advisement transcript on the PeopleSoft system.

CPIB Requirements

Total credits (18–43)

Students pursuing the Certificate Program in International Business may not apply any of the courses fulfilling CPIB requirements to the Global-Studies Certificate requirements, with the exception of courses taken to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

Foreign Language

At a minimum, Level 4 of a foreign language must be satisfactorily completed (a two-year, four-course sequence at the University of Pittsburgh). If a foreign language is studied while abroad, the student’s language proficiency will be evaluated upon return via a University of Pittsburgh foreign-language placement exam. Students are encouraged to pursue language study beyond the minimum requirement to enhance basic proficiency and to be more prepared to take advantage of the study/internship abroad experience.

Major Elective

Complete one CBA international course in your major from the approved list:

Course IDName
BUSACC 1216Advanced Financial Accounting
BUSFIN 1341International Finance
BUSHRM 1670Global Workforce Management and Change
BUSHRM 1620Independent Study (international topic)
BUSMKT 1461International Marketing
BUSORG 1670OB Independent Study (international topic)

CBA Elective

Complete one CBA international course outside your major from the approved list:

Course IDName
BUS 1035Doing Business in the Czech Republic
BUS 1038Doing Business in the People's Republic of China
BUS 1040Doing Business in Brazil
BUS 1920Brazil Today: Ethnicity, Economy, and Environment (1credit)
BUSECN 1505India Today: Innovation, Industry, and Education (1 credit)
BUSECN 1510Russia Today: Energy, Economics, and Public Policy in Transition (1 credit)
BUSSCM 1730Managing Global Supply Chains
BUSSPP 1740Global Strategy and Competitive Advantage
BUS 1910International Internship for Credit

CPIB students may also request permission to take BUSACC 1216 Advanced Financial Accounting, BUSFIN 1341 International Finance, BUSHRM 1670 Global Workforce Management & Change, or BUSMKT 1461 International Marketing provided that the course is not in their major.

Please note: A student must complete all three of the 1-credit electives on the list in order to meet this 3-credit requirement.

A&S Elective

Complete one A&S international course from the approved list:

Africana Studies

Course IDName
AFRCNA 0027Intro to Africa
AFRCNA 0586African Civ & Culture
AFRCNA 1009Women of Africa & the African Diaspora
AFRCNA 1010Cultures of Africa
AFRCNA 1056Hist. Africa Since 1800
AFRCNA 0028Afro-Latin America
AFRCNA 0084Race, Class, Ethnicity, the Caribbean Experience
AFRCNA 0385Caribbean History
AFRCNA 1062Multinational Corporations in America and Caribbean
AFRCNA 1011Rise of the Modern Pan-African Movement
AFRCNA 1030African Politics
AFRCNA 1031African Liberation Movements
AFRCNA 1061Political Econ. of Africa


Course IDName
ANTH 0715Anthro. of Latin American
ANTH 1751People & Environment in Amazonia
ANTH 1759Chinese Society
ANTH 1764Culture & Society of India
ANTH 1768Culture & Society of Eastern Europe
ANTH 1778Culture & Society of Africa
ANTH 1784Japanese Society
ANTH 1786Cultures of the Pacific
ANTH 1788Andean Society & Culture: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador


Course IDName
CHIN 0080City Life & E. Asian Culture

Arts & Sciences

Course IDName
CAS 0020Latin America & the Caribbean


Course IDName
ECON 0140Intro to Political Economy
ECON 0500Intro to International Trade
ECON 0520Compar. Econ. Systems
ECON 0530Intro to Development Econ.
ECON 1610Latin American Economic Development
ECON 1630Econ. Development of China
ECON 1640Japanese Economic Growth
ECON 1670Former Socialist Economies & Transition
ECON 1680Econ. of European Union


Course IDName
GER 1522Germany Today


Course IDName
HIST 0200East Europe Civilization
HIST 0302Soviet Russia
HIST 0401Modern East Asian Civ
HIST 0501Modern Latin America
HIST 0756Intro to Islamic Civilization
HIST 1108Comp. European History
HIST 1109France & Spain—20th Cent.
HIST 1123Modern Britain
HIST 1129Modern France
HIST 1131Modern Germany
HIST 1175Zenophobia in Mod. Europe
HIST 1423Modern China
HIST 1433Modern Japan
HIST 1522Brazil
HIST 1525Mexico, Aztecs to Present
HIST 1526Cuba, Columbus to Castro
HIST 1764Israel, State & Society
HIST 1766Modern Israel


Course IDName
ITAL 0081Italian Cultural Heritage 2


Course IDName
JPNSE 0081East Asia in the World

Political Science

Course IDName
PS 0300Comparative Politics
PS 0500World Politics
PS 1303Movement Politics
PS 1311Western Europn Gov't & Politics
PS 1312British Gov't & Politics
PS 1313French Gov't & Politics
PS 1314German Gov't & Politics
PS 1315Italian Gov't & Politics
PS 1317Politics of the Euro. Community
PS 1321Latin American Politics
PS 1322Latin Amer. Political Development
PS 1331Gov't & Politics of SE Asia
PS 1332Gov't & Politics in Contemporary China
PS 1341Gov't & Politics of USSR—Russian Federation

Study Abroad/International Internship

Fulfilled by one term of approved study abroad or an international internship, the study/internship abroad requirement has two objectives:

  • To enrich international awareness, understanding, and competence; and
  • To enable students to apply what they are learning in the program to living, learning, and for some, working in a country other than the United States or the student’s home country.

While some students have little international experience and others have substantial experience, the study-/internship-abroad requirement ensures that all students as part of the CPIB make significant advances in international competence through a substantial academic experience abroad. The particular program must be approved in advance, be at least four weeks in duration (internships must be at least 10 weeks in duration), entail at least three credits of coursework (regular coursework or internship credit), and take place in a country other than the United States and the student’s home country.