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The Global Business Institute

The Global Business Institute (GBI) lets students study and practice business at our international Pitt Business campuses. The GBI prepares students for the business world through coursework that advances their degree, out-of-the-classroom experiences that improve cultural competency, and internships that build on their global business skills.

At GBI locations students have the chance to take business courses, while also completing high-quality internships with international companies. Furthermore, by studying at a GBI location, students can complete nearly all of the requirements of the Certificate Program in International Business in just one semester. That makes it easier for students to complete multiple Pitt Business certificate programs while earning their degree.

Each Pitt Business GBI location is tailored to specific functional areas, although students can take business courses outside those areas.

Funding Your Travel

Pitt Business has partnered with FundMyTravel to allow students to crowdsource their study abroad programs.  To get started, visit our partnership page at Pitt Business Fund My Travel, and click "Start Fundraising Now."  You will be redirected to a page that allows you to set up a campaign profile, where you can create a bio, indicate the campaign's date and duration, and further customize your account. Please see the following video for specific tips on best practices.