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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community

Today’s organizations want to hire enterprising leaders—people with the imagination and initiative to not only make products and services better, but to also come up with ideas that will innovate their business practices.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (LLC) residence hall connects entrepreneurial-minded students and provides them with hands-on education in innovation and entrepreneurship through learning workshops, extracurricular projects, and competitions. Students work with both faculty and experienced industry professionals to develop and nurture their entrepreneurial skills and experiences.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLC Allows Students to:

  • Build lasting bonds with other enterprising students from all types of academic backgrounds at Pitt.
  • Receive face-to-face mentoring and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs by working together on projects and competitions.
  • Learn more about the mechanics of idea generation, the process of innovation, and how to transform an idea into a successful product or service.
  • Develop and receive coaching on how to position and present innovative product and business ideas at a variety of competitions including Pitt’s Randall Family Big Idea Competition.
  • Engage with Pitt’s Innovation Institute, the Thrill Mill, and other early-stage incubator organizations in Western Pennsylvania.

Application Instructions for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLC

  • Freshmen must complete both a general Pitt housing application and an LLC application, and write a brief response for two of the following three questions:
    • Describe an entrepreneurial activity in which you played a major role.
    • Describe a situation in which you took a risk that was beyond your comfort zone.
    • Describe a situation in which you failed. How did you recover from that failure?
  • Applicants must also submit a two-minute video that describes why they should be selected for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLC.

Please contact Philip Badaszewski, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Academic Initiatives, at 412-658-1200 or, or contact Pitt Business LLC Housing at with any questions.