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Pitt Business students are able to combine their business degree with a BA in health services

Pitt Business and BA in Health Services Double Degree Program

Pitt Business students may complement their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree by also earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Health Services degree. The BA in Health Services allows students to specialize in business and learn about health care as an industry. There is a growing demand in health care for employees with strong business skills in the area of accounting and finance, marketing, supply chain management, marketing, management, and human resources.

Offered through the University of Pittsburgh’s College of General Studies, the BA in Health Services analyzes the structure of the U.S. health care industry; identifies cultural, legal, and environmental factors that impact health outcomes; and provides students with the communication and management skills needed to succeed in the health care industry.

Benefits to Pitt Business Students

  • The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. economy and health expenditures currently account for nearly 20 percent of all spending in the United States
  • The Pittsburgh region is a global hub for medicine and healthcare innovation, and Pitt Business and the Katz School have longstanding partnerships with the UMPC Health System and the University’s top-ranked Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, and Social Work
  • The BA in Health Services degree is interdisciplinary in nature, meaning that all business majors are encouraged to apply and will find value in the subject content. Careers in health care are available to students from each business discipline.

Credit Requirements

Students combining their BSBA degree with the BA in Health Services must earn a minimum of 150 credits in order to graduate with both degrees.

The BA in Health Services requires students to select one of two fields: Management of Health Services Programs or Community Health Assessment.  The degree program includes core courses, specialization fields, and electives.

Timeline for Completion

Pitt Business students earning a double degree through the BA in Health Services and BSBA degree can graduate in as little as four years provided that they begin college with advanced standing credits completed in high school.

Students are encouraged to plan their time to graduation very carefully with their academic advisor. 

For More Information

Please visit the University of Pittsburgh College of General Studies BA in Health Services website