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Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies

The Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies is an academic credential offered by the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) Global Studies Center. The certificate explores the historical and contemporary causes and consequences of international, ethnic, and religious conflicts. This course of study also considers the ways to prevent and resolve conflicts, such as negotiations.  The certificate is open to students of all majors and can be combined with the business-centric certificates offered through Pitt Business.

Benefit to Pitt Business Students

To work in the global marketplace, business leaders must understand how companies can thrive or falter in relation to their surrounding societal and political environments. With completion of the Conflict/Conflict Resolution Global Studies Certificate, students will better develop expertise to approach and understand the historical or current sources of tension and conflict. Conflict/Conflict Resolution provides students with knowledge and context of conflict at the local, national, and international level. Students can become the globally competent business leaders of tomorrow by identifying and explaining how conflict may impact business development, business operations, and domestic and global markets.

Applications to Business

With the Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies, students are able to study topics including but not limited to:

  • How international terrorism impacts business
  • How governmental reaction to conflict impacts the business community
  • How natural disasters create localized conflict and how that impacts business and trade

Contemporary Issues

A range of important societal issues are related to the topics covered in the Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies, including:

  • Refugees and immigration
  • Religious tension and areas of high conflict
  • Food and water scarcity
  • Natural disasters
  • Energy and fossil fuel dependency
  • International terrorism
  • Repercussions of colonialism
  • Economic disparity/classism

Academic Requirements

The Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies is an 18-credit program designed as an enhancement to the Pitt Business Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program.  It builds upon the core curriculum and offers perspectives that are relevant to students earning a major in accounting, business information systems, finance, global management, human resources management, marketing, and supply chain management.  Students who earn the certificate are also able to complement their global studies certificate with any of the certificate programs offered through Pitt Business. 


The certificate comprises a total of 18 academic credits. Students must complete one required course, a range of elective courses, and must fulfill language requirements. Students are also required to submit a capstone paper that highlights an issue related to conflict and conflict resolution. 

1. Required Courses (3 credits) - The following course is required:

  • Intro to Global Studies (PS 0550)

2. Elective Courses (15 credits) - Students select courses from a robust list of electives. 

  • Students are able to double count up to six credits from their major, which allows them to fulfill their general education requirements, major requirements, and certificate requirements at the same time
  • Students must select three courses from at least two departments other than their major
  • Courses from Pitt Business, and the schools of humanities, social sciences, and other professional schools can count toward the certificate

3. Language

  • Students must complete two years of college-level language study
  • Students must have a minimum of intermediate, low-level proficiency in a foreign language
  • The foreign language credits are not included in the 18 credits required for the certificate

4. Study Abroad

  • Study abroad is not required but is highly recommended
  • Please contact the Pitt Business International Programs Office for study abroad programs that compliment the certificate 

How to Enroll in the Program

Students interested in the Conflict/Conflict Resolution Certificate in Global Studies should schedule an appointment with Global Studies Advisor Elaine Lin through  In addition to receiving information about the academic credentials of the program, students will be able to learn about funding opportunities, lectures, and engagement opportunities with global decision makers.

Sample of Conflict/Conflict Resolution Courses

For a per semester list of courses, visit the course listings page.

A&SANTHSpecial Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Anthropology of Militarism3
A&SANTHSpecial Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Political Anthropology3
A&SANTHEnergy and Energy of Politics in Eurasia3
A&SANTHEthno-National Violence3
A&SANTHPeoples in Contact3
A&SANTHIdentity and Self in Late Capitalism3
A&SCOMMRCKnowledge, Power and Desire3
A&SCOMMRCCommunication and Ethics3
A&SENGLIT20th Century African American Literature3
A&SGERNazi Culture3
A&SHAAWorld Art Contact and Conflict3
A&SHAAJerusalem History and Imagination3
A&SHISTHolocaust History and Memory3
A&SHISTThe Dictators3
A&SHISTWorld War II in Asia3
A&SHISTOrigins of American Capitalism3
A&SHISTReligion and Politics in the Middle East3
A&SHISTUS and the Holocaust3
A&SHISTUS in the Middle East3
A&SHISTCapstone Seminar: State-Building and Post-Colonial Movement3
A&SHISTWorld War I - Comparative Perspective3
A&SHISTThe West and the World3
A&SHISTIberian Empire and Early Modern Globalization3
A&SHISTLatin American Revolution3
A&SHISTCold War America in the World3
A&SHISTModern South African History3
A&SHISTContemporary Islam: Internal Debates3
A&SHISTHolocaust History and Memory3
A&SHISTRoman History3
A&SJSUS and the Holocaust3
A&SJSHolocaust History and Memory3
A&SPHILIntroduction to Ethics/Writing Practicum3
A&SPSCapstone Seminar in Comparative Politics: Income Inequality in Europe and the US3
A&SPSAmerican Foreign Policy3
A&SPSForeign Policies - Changing the World3
A&SPSCivil Wars3
A&SPSPeacemaking and Peacekeeping3
A&SPSCapstone Seminar in International Relations: Explaining Civil War3
A&SPSCapstone Seminar in International Relations: Conflict Management and Resolution3
A&SPSTheories of Justice3
A&SPSMuslims in the United States3
A&SPSYIntroduction to Social Psychology3
A&SRELGSTUS and the Holocaust3
A&SRELGSTHolocaust History and Memory3
A&SRELGSTReligion and Politics of the Middle East3
A&SRELGSTContemporary Islam: Internal Debates3
A&SSOCPace Movements and Peace Education3
A&SSOCExperiencing Globalization3
A&SSOCCapstone Research Practicum: Weapons on the Weak3
A&SURBNSTSocial Justice and the City3
CGSADMJInternational Organized Crime3
CGSADMJPrinciples of Homeland Security3
CGSPUBSRV/CGSPrinciples of Homeland Security3