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Pitt Business Recognized by AACSB International for Driving Innovation in Business Education Worldwide

Monday, February 6, 2017

In a rapidly globalizing environment and ever-changing world, business schools are providing more value than ever. AACSB International, the world’s largest global education network, unveiled 35 innovations that represent critical work being done by business schools to better their communities at large. Pitt Business Recognized by AACSB International for Driving Innovation in Business Education Worldwide

Pitt Business was recognized for their submission Pitt Business Professional Academies and Industry Professional Networks. The programs were introduced during the 2016-17 academic year and developed through the collaboration of the Pitt Business Career Development Office and corporate partners. 

“The Professional Academies and Industry Professional Networks allow our students to engage in industry and build lasting relationships with established professionals,” says Audrey J. Murrell, associate dean of Pitt Business and director of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership.  

The current academies include the Professional Sales Academy and Real Estate Finance Academy. They provide students with the opportunity to develop expertise in niche areas of business and interact directly with leaders in the industry. 

The Industry Professional Networks are available in four industry groups—analytics, consulting, healthcare, and investments. Through a series of workshops throughout the academic year, students learn industry trends and expand their professional networks. 

“This year’s Innovations That Inspire initiative has highlighted the groundbreaking and commanding influence that AACSB’s member schools can have on the world when they focus their attention on creating impactful ideas for all of society,” says Tom R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB international. “We are honored to highlight Pitt Business’ innovation as a pioneer in the business education landscape, and use them as an example for how AACSB’s schools are facilitators for innovation and leadership.” 

The second annual Innovations That Inspire initiative recognizes institutions serving as champions of change in the business education landscape. A total of 315 submissions were received across 33 countries, mirroring society’s growing global demands, as well as the critical need for strong, connected, and forward-thinking business schools. The initiative—and the impressive work it showcases—underscores the important role that innovation plays in achieving the industry-wide vision for business education, which AACSB unveiled in 2016. 

For a detailed overview of the featured innovations, please visit In addition to the named 35, AACSB will continue to share exemplary practices that highlight the remarkable efforts underway to transform business education via its award-winning BizEd magazine, AACSB LINK newsletter, the AACSB Blog, and its global advocacy and awareness building initiatives.